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Program:  The purpose of the program is to use community-based volunteers to help close holes in students’ phonics knowledge so that they become stronger readers. The program will focus on students in 1st/2nd grade who are not making adequate progress on the BPST (Beginning Phonics Skills Test).  Volunteers will work with students to target specific phonics deficiencies.


Impact: Currently, 54% of students in Yolo County do not read at grade level. Students that don’t read proficiently by the end of third grade are 4 times more likely to drop out of high school. High school drop outs are 8 times more likely to end up in jail or prison. Working with children on their reading and phonics skills early can improve the quality of their life for years to come. 


Requirements: Volunteers must be able to attend two 2-hour trainings, and commit to one hour per week in the classroom. Volunteers must also undergo LiveScan fingerprinting and provide a current TB test.


Info Sessions: Woodland United Way Office:

716 Main Street Suite B.

Wednesday, March 16th

9am-9:30am OR 4pm-4:30pm


Training:  Volunteers will be provided with a total of 4 hours of training.  There will be an initial 2-hour training and then 2 hours of subsequent follow-up training.  The initial training will include:  Child development expectations for the target age groups, activities to build relationship between the volunteer and the child, reading the BPST, activities to attack skill deficits.  The follow-up training will include additional activities for skill deficits and will address specific concerns of volunteers.


Volunteer Routine:  Volunteers will be asked to come for 1 hour per session.  They will work with 2 students for 25 minutes each during that time.  That leaves them 10 minutes for transition in, between kids, and transition out.  Each session will include: 


1) Magnetic letter time (students building and decomposing words)

2) Reading small stories or books that target the missing phonics for the students

3) Writing words or sentences with the target phonics on a white board or composition book.



Interested in applying? Email Candice Peters from Woodland United Way at or call 530-662-3633

Northern California Children's Therapy Center

David White was one of CTCʼs first clients in 1996. He was very young and diagnosed with
Cerebral Palsy. He couldnʼt walk yet, and couldnʼt talk yet. Even after his diagnosis, his parents
refused to listed to all the things that they were told he would never do. David participated in
weekly occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy for many years. He worked
hard and never gave up. One by one, he started meeting, then passing, the developmental
milestones that he was “never supposed to do”. David is now 25 years old and is a senior at
University of Reno studying to be a special education teacher. He also serves as mentor in a
program for children with disabilities. Recently, he added author of an inspirational childrenʼs
book to his successes. His success is best described in his own words:

“Last January, the first rough rough draft of Jack and Pop-Pop journeyed into the time, I didn't yet have a name for it! I made the New Year's goal for myself to
publish my first children's book. I worked diligently on writing and illustrating the book throughout
the Spring and Summer, while in school. In March, I completed most of the illustrations while
recuperating after my foot surgery due to my Cerebral Palsy! Thanks to a successful
KickStarter, my book spread across the US and internationally! Also two newspapers have
published articles on it and the University of Nevada placed my book second on their holiday
book wish list! Now my goal is to make JP huge and to release a sequel”
CTC is proud to have been a part of Davidʼs success!