Day With a Police Officer

Corporal DeLeon and Community Relations Coordinator Mini Garcia from the Woodland Police Department gave our KinderCamp students a presentation about safety, and a tour of their patrol vehicle.

The mission behind this day was to help strengthen the relationship between Police Officers and our community, especially children. This was an opportunity to help change the negative impression that many children have about the police. It’s important for children to learn about the role of Police Officers early on so that they can feel safe around them and know that they are there to help.  

On this day, Crime Prevention Specialist Mini Garcia and Corporal DeLeon from the Woodland Police Department visited the KinderCamp students at Maxwell Elementary School. They briefly explained the role of a Police Officer and what the uniform consists of. Then, Corporal DeLeon read the book “A day at the Police Station” to all students. The students also got to checkout the patrol vehicle, hear the siren and listen to Corporal DeLeon speak on the loud speaker 



Thanks Woodland Police Department!